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We in the gaming community hear all to often the connection between
video games and violence; Most notably, gun violence. Lets face it, a
lot people in the states own guns and at times tragedies occur due to

This got me thinking about my favorite games of all time, and the
amount of gun use in these games.

No wayy bro

Here’s my list:

1. Metal Gear Solid: Tactical Espionage Action – Psx
2. Shadow of the Colossus – Ps2
3. Resident Evil 4 – Ps2 GC PC?

Then it hit me. 2 of my top 3 games use guns quite frequently. Though
at times it’s non-lethal Snake has to use a gun, even if it’s a
  tranquilizer (it still counts!). Leon in RE4 is blasting through skulls
like it’s a blast (well it is isn’t it?).



So fun.

What if….what would my top three games of all time look like without
guns in it? Shadow of The Colossus is safe, but who would take the
other two spots?

After digging through the violence crust of my brain I came up
with this list.

1. Shadow of the Colossus – Ps2
2. Little Big Planet – Ps3 (the paint ball gun doesn’t count)
3. Zoop! – Sega Genesis




I’m not saying there aren’t fun games out there without guns in them. I was just a little startled to discover how many games DO have guns in them, and how popular these games are. It took me longer then I’d like to think of my favorite games without guns.


Try it, what are you favorite games of all time? What are favorite games without guns in them? Does your list change?