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Brutal Legend has jokes, and jokes, and jokes. And while the RTS-lite mechanics may offend unsuspecting gamers thinking they were getting themselves into the funnyman's God of War, the story manages to transcend all of that. Double Fine weaves a great tale that lampoons the best bits of heavy metal culture and runs wild with the concept while remaining new and refreshing all on its own. Everything from landmarks (think: giant iron swords) to the characters (glam rock to emo) are dripping with purposeful hilarity ripped straight out of 80s metal album covers. Jack Black may have been the star tied to the project but, in reality, he's just a piece of the complete ensemble that brings Brutal Legend to life. Set it to easy, press your way through the occasional RTS strain, and enjoy one of the funniest games of the last few years.

Rating: B

Via HawtWired