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Trophy padding. It's the main selling point to repackaging God of War and God of War 2 into a single Bluray collection. Sure, both PS2 titles look a bit nicer now that you've invested in fancy-pansy HDMI cables but, really, you're in it for the trophies. And, in that respect, GoW Collection fares enviably well. If you hadn't got to them before, you'll finally have a reason to take on the "Challenge of the Gods/Titans" modes and reap the satisfying trophy rewards for completing them. At the expense of learning how to take advantage of GoW's engaging and diverse combat to overcome them, of course. Unlike other games that rely on abstract methods to dole out trophies, GoW Collection makes most story based and are always — even the more formidable Gold and Silver trophies — within reach. Kratos' pre-GoW3 primer will be the most fun you'll have reaching double Platinum on PS3 and finally getting *this* much closer to beating out your friend's Trophy level.

Rating: A

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