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Gather around, children. I have a tale to tell.



A long long time ago their were a group of monkeys on an island in the middle of the ocean. Their were two trees on this island that stood tall and side by side in the center. One had delicious red fruit and was very strong and healthy, the other, more thin tree had larger yellow fruit and wobbled and swayed with the wind. The monkeys would spend their days climbing these towering trees to get the fruit at the top.

 The thick red tree provided plenty of support for climbing, so the red fruit was more popular. The few who had the patience to climb the wobbly and unstable yellow fruit tree often claimed that the yellow fruit was better but everyone assumed they were just bragging.

 Then one day, a particularly intelligent monkey had an idea. He grasped the thin trunk of the yellow fruit tree and shook. Soon fruit from the tree rained down around him. The other monkeys, seeing this was possible, cheered and began to harvest the coveted yellow fruit this way as well. Many noticed that both fruit tasted roughly as good but it was easier to get the yellow fruit now, and in greater numbers. This made the monkeys decide that the yellow fruit was best, and it was best to shake the yellow tree.

 Some time passed after this. The majority of monkeys shook the yellow fruit tree while a single monkey decided to keep climbing the red fruit tree. After a year of this the yellow monkeys had grown fat from their relatively effortless supply of food. They had strong arms but their legs were weak and they were much too fat now to climb.

 A yellow tree monkey then one day approached the red tree monkey and asked him why he kept climbing the red fruit tree. The red monkey said that he liked the challenge and enjoyed the view and the feel of the wind. The yellow monkey scoffed at this, saying that that couldn't have been the only reason. The red monkey, provoked by the yellow one's disapproval, told him that he decided to not shake the yellow tree because he saw the yellow monkeys as lazy. They had things so easy they could just do that one task and be rewarded twice as much as a hard working climber.

 The yellow monkey then claimed that if god did not want the monkeys to shake the trees he would have made them thick like the red tree. The yellow monkey then stormed off, his belly dragging the ground as he walked.

 Some time after this the yellow tree began to develop fractures from the shaking. Yellow monkeys were going hungry as the now damaged tree started bearing less and less fruit. They became afraid to shake it further for fear that it would fall and die. The disapproving red monkey approached his fat (but hungry) yellow counterpart a few days after this tragedy and tried to convince him to climb.

 The yellow monkey was hesitant, worried that his considerable girth would topple the tree. The red monkey then offered for him and his friends to climb his red tree. The yellow monkey saw this as an insult. He had earned his place as a yellow monkey, he was the one who first shook the tree and proved what was possible. The red monkey understood why he was hesitant, as climbing the red tree after promoting the shaking of the yellow tree would be admitting he was wrong.

 The red monkey, rather then let the yellow monkeys starve to death from their own stubborn nature, began to climb the yellow tree to get food for them. The yellow monkey saw this and screamed in rage, rallying the other monkeys and claiming that the red monkey was trying to steal the fruit. To 'save' it from the red monkey the yellow monkeys all began shaking the tree at once. Every last bit of fruit was shaken off of the tree, the red monkey holding on for dear life to avoid falling. The yellow monkey yelled out his victory just loud enough to cover the sound of the cracking trunk of the yellow tree.

 In a matter of moments, too fast for any of the monkeys to react, the yellow tree's trunk snapped, the tree falling and slamming into the red tree. The red monkey was crushed in the center, killed instantly, and the red tree bent slightly to the side, it's own truck cracked.

 Soon after that the yellow tree died. The red tree still held enough fruit to support a meager food supply for the monkeys and they once again learned to climb, using the fallen yellow tree as support for the first few months of relearning the lost climbing arts. No one mentioned the red monkey ever again.


You might ask yourself 'self, what am I supposed to learn from this story?'

 Well I'll tell you, children. The moral is “just because a way of doing things satisfies your greed and is easy doesn't mean you should do it. You never know what damage your actions will cause.”

 Think about that next time you young'uns play your dem 'video games' with other people on that there 'internets'. Who exactly are you impressing with your 'mad sploits'?

 Besides, I can kick your ass without gaming the system anyway. FEAR MI!!!! Iam the destroyer of worlds!!!!

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