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“I would KILL YOU!!!…if I had a keyboard and mouse…”

Gamers commonly beat the scapegoat while playing first-person shooters (FPS), “I would KILL YOU!!!…if I had a keyboard and mouse…” Yet Neither Xbox 360, or PlayStation 3 (PS3) fully support a keyboard and mouse function. In fact, Unreal Tournament 3 is the only game on the PS3 that supports a keyboard and mouse. But what about Call of Duty, Battlefield, Halo, Gears of War?


Gamers Beware!

There are adapters, and thingamajigs that can cost up around $100; but no official Sony or Microsoft made paraphernalia.

It’s doubtful a keyboard and mouse would take over the standard controller. After all, who wants to play Uncharted or Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver using a keyboard? Not me!


“Does anyone remember me? Sniff” – Raziel

A keyboard and mouse makes browsing the Internet easier, messaging friends more convenient, and fragging more efficient. Providing keyboard and mouse capability could also cause a switch from PC to console bringing more players to the Battlefield.

So why isn’t there more support for a keyboard and mouse when it seems clear a large audience of gamers want it?


Just for arguments sake, I play games just fine with a controller. Maybe get a little sick of hearing other people whine through headsets or hallways about their glorious PC fragging days.