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No overworld map. Ammo and health caps maxed at 100. Zero Y-axis capability. If you're old enough to remember playing Wolfenstein 3D back in 1992 these are shortcomings made only apparent in the current world of elaborate modern war fares and halo rings. Surprisingly, id's pioneering first-person shooter still holds a certain amount of charm, and playability, more than a decade and a half later; even for someone like me who didn't grow up playing the game. Like Mega Man 9's example of gameplay over graphics, Wolfenstein 3D shows that its iconic game design amounts to more than a spritely face bleeding out every time you get shot at the bottom of the screen. That is, if you only play the initial three episodes with an explosive Vampire Hitler finale. The latter half of the package compounds its regular barrage of convoluted levels by 20 magnitudes of stupid. Pick up a map guide and you might make it out alive.

Rating: C

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