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For a few months now the British 'Virtual band' The Gorillaz has been in the middle of a marketing blitz for their upcoming album Plastic Beach.


that's the prettiest piece of filthy trash i've ever seen

Now, with the album out in a couple of weeks. They have done their traditional reopening of their website. Which is formatted as a point and click exploration game. This time it's set in the titular 'Plastic Beach' from their new album.

Their's a catch, however. The majority of the game is locked off by a 'flooded basement' and the only way to move forward is for the Internet to band together with buckets in hand and bail it out. The band apparently wants people to actually pay attention again after their five year silence, and I say why not. I figure I'll do some of the legwork for them and give you all the heads up.

Any one of you Bitmobbers who have been a Gorillaz fan in the past or plan to be one in the future go to and give the slim and unfinished pickings of the adventure a shot for long enough to dip a bucket in the lift. A couple of puzzles and some humor await the patient. The more who join in the sooner we get to the juicy bits.

While you are there why not check out some of the other media related to the band. (With any luck they'll iron out some of the site coding issues they are having soon and their will be quite a bit of fun audio to peruse with the G player.) In the meantime their are some of the mini games from their old site strewn around that are worth a gander.

If you actually join the mini social networking site they are trying to start send a friend request my way. I'm Meyeselph on the site (just like I am everywhere else but here.)

Bombs, guns, and music. how relaxing

I, in the meantime, will pass the time until the Internet gets off it's duffer relaxing on the beach. Maybe I'll finally make progress in my hunt for the illusive Android Noodle. That thing owes me some answers.

Here's hoping for an eventful year at the Plastic Beach.