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Your boss probably doesn't like you laying down on the job…and either does Bad Company 2 (BC2). I say this because BC2 does not have the ability to go prone.

Prone, or going prone, is the ability to lay belly-down on the ground, and is a very popular tactic used in first-person shooters (FPS) such as Modern Warfare 2, Ghost Recon, Socom, and older Battlefield titles. But it won't be found in Battlefield Bad Company 2, and for good reason.

Gamers will, and have, cried about the lack of prone in the Bad Company series, claiming it's not realistic and is essential to a military FPS. Realism? Really? When was the last time realism was fun? Have you tried playing Microsoft's Flight Simulator?


Not Fun

Question: What is the single most complaint in a FPS?

Answer: El Campo

Question: What is El Campo's favorite position?

Answer: El Prone

Don't worry, you can still camp in BC2, but taking out prone is a good thing. It forces players to engage in the game. And believe me, destructive environments and no prone will have your ass moving, and moving your ass is fun.

Taking out the prone position is a risk taken by DICE and EA, and it's really paying off in BC2. The game may have lost some supporters because of the decision, but ultimately it should create more fans then lost due to the heightened game play.

Going prone used to be a fundamental component in military shooters, but BC2 has changed that. Maybe developers will reevaluate dated game play to see what can be changed to enhance the fun factor, regardless of how frightening change can be.