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Having Gamefly'd Battlefield: Bad Company 2 this week, I decided I would wrap up the single-player portion of the game in time to send back for some Final Fantasy XIII role-playin' next week. Didn't get a chance to fully delve into multiplayer much, so here's my thoughts on how the Campaign mode stacked up:

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 can stand on its own merits as a game but the comparison is inevitable: is it better than Modern Warfare 2? As far as single-player is concerned, the answer is a resounding "no." Weapon shots are an aural treat, its unique blend of world deformation is unmatched in a shooter, and the comedic role play between your band of brothers adds a refreshing lighthearted touch to the FPS norm. But, aside from a few tense moments during the campaign, single-player mostly serves as an above-average romp through ice and jungle levels with a stingy checkpoint system and a cliche story straight out of your average spy book. You may still find your safe haven from glitch-loving online opponents in Bad Company 2's multiplayer mode but the other half of the package is definitely flawed.

Grade: C+

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