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When Capcom had their CES Fight Club back it January, it slipped out that Super Street Fighter IV would no longer have it's post round attack (hitting the opponent one more time after he or she is knocked out). I read some where that this was taken out because Japanese players find it very offensive when hit after the round is over. It's a little funny because I'd never even thought about it before. Then I found out that some people even find taunting offensive. But is it really that big of a deal?

(Is he taunting me? I'm so mad!)

Personally, no. Taunting, for me, is another way to get into my opponent's head. If he lets taunting or getting knocked around after a round upset him, good because it gives me another way to help him make some mistakes. And when the opponent is making mistakes, I'm usually winning. I rarely thing  about taunting because I'm more concerned about the damaging attacks my opponent might come up with, not his or her show boating or lame attempts to get in my head. When it comes to competition, if you have time to get upset over minutia you probably don't have much time left for winning.

Winners don't let friends whine about taunting.