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Glad to hear we got some great DLC coming to LIVE soon. With the rerelease of the original Perfect Dark (which I still own the 64 version), a new Tecmo Superbowl Remake (yes!!), five new maps for Modern Warfare 2, and new stories/campaigns for both Left 4 Dead 1 and 2, I am as excited as a kid opening his first Christmas present. Top that off with Mega Man 10 and so much more, it's time to get some room for those hard drives or what not.

Online is where it's at brother. There is so much replay value on these games, I wish every damn one of them could have DLC constantly (though I'd be broke and there probably wouldn’t be any sequels).

The funny thing is I know several people who own PS3's/360's and have never gotten online yet. Are you kidding me?! Why the hell would you use your money to buy your system and not use it to the fullest? Unless you do not have the Internet, there's no excuse to be missing out. Online is THE thing today — split screens, memory cards, and text chat is yesterday. Get with the times people!