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 The stimulus pack for Modern Warfare 2 has finally arrived to Xbox 360 owners. The majority of you ( I only assume) downloaded these new maps the first day they came out, while others ignored the fact that they had to pay 1200 Microsoft points after already throwing down $60 for the game. Whatever floats your boat, I presume.

Many gamers come to wonder if the DLC is worth it’s the hefty price. Since I am a DLC junkie, I bought the new levels on their release date at the end of March. Considering you can’t just buy 800 points via Xbox Live, I went on and picked up the original Perfect Dark as well. Not a bad deal.

You have two scenarios to be faced with: you will either love ‘em or hate ‘em. That’s not to say you will enjoy a few and dislike the rest (like me). Let’s break it down individually.



Overgrown I’m sure your familiar with. It originated back from the first Modern Warfare. If you so happen to love sniping, this level is for you. If you are more like me- with the lack of skills with any sniper rifle, avoid it at all costs. A Giant field with some houses to navigate through still doesn’t give you a prayer when faced with the scope shooters. I down right hate this map. The other team can easily pin you down to one area, leaving you irritated to even take a step outside. Sorry, but if were to be entertained, it would be constant fire and action- not to sit in one spot the entire game. No offense to you others that do so.



Next is the second map coming from Call of Duty 4; Crash. Defiantly my favorite one out of all five of these. This consists of narrow street alleys, a broken helicopter, houses, and of course the three-story building. This area works is perfect for all types of people who play MW2 differently. Action is constant- I always enjoy the fact there are more then one way to infiltrate your surroundings. With this in my mind, getting revenge from a camping opponent can happen. If you use your mind correctly, tricking opponents to which way your destination is could work.


This map had so much potential. It looks great, the rain effects pouring down on you sounds so cool. Until you get used the environment, be prepared to get lost, confused, and expect a lot of spawn killing. On that note it’s not necessarily the enemies’ fault either. It just so happens that very often you spawn in the middle of the open area, giving you little time to realize (1) you already getting shot at or (2) someone is behind you. Crap if you ask me.



Bailout is worth a trip. Shotgun gurus will love this map. Sniper gunners will enjoy it. Other players will more than likely enjoy it. With two-floor buildings, stairs, a bridge and what not, it’s more or less a corner to corner action packed match (unless you decide to work your way outside). I prefer this map over Storm, that’s for sure. The action’s steady, and it gives you that feeling that an enemy is always somewhere near. Oh, and the bridge is more often where most people run to. Predictable, but fun. Most certainly more up- close-and personal ordeal inside then out. Decent.


Salvage, being the smallest map of the bunch, is preferably my favorite new one. Chucking random grenades is a great time. Add a few buildings/warehouses, a dog house and such- this is where the action really adds up. Small, in my opinion, is better. I would’ve rather seen shipment though..

The question remains: Is the stimulus pack worth the ticket? Yay or nay? That all depends on your preference. I feel it was some-what disappointing overall. Although only a couple of these maps had my taste and flavor , it’s still exciting to play something new. The level designs look cool, but the concepts in some makes you think why you even purchased them in the first place. It’s still Modern Warfare 2 in it’s own right, but bringing back more of the COD 4 maps would’ve been a better move. Maybe that’s just me. With a 1200 price tag, I'd rather spend it elsewhere.

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