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Pardon me for going on a tangent but this post is more about an idea for the Bitmob Community then a games related post. I got an idea and decided to just put it out and see what you all think.

In the world of creative expression the hardest thing for me has always been finishing something. Left to my own devices I simply come up with a good idea, half finish it, then lose whatever spark I had as another idea pops into my head. I've attempted to improve this situation through working with other people but often times those other people end up not wanting to finish a project any more then I have.

It would be simple to fix such a problem if I could become a part of a creative community but often times such places can be stuffy and judgemental. Considering your work not good enough for consideration and focusing more on bringing you down then helping you improve.

The more I ponder this problem the more I come to the same conclusion. I think their could be an untapped well of creativity right here and I would like to get to know some of it.

Bitmob has, despite my numerous disagreements and stupid decisions in relation to it, always struck me as a staggeringly supportive and understanding community. Some of the things I do that seem over the top or strange are things I go through with because I think 'well it's Bitmob, If theirs any place that someone could see what I was trying to do with this it would be here.'

I've largely been right. For every thing I've done that seems to have made no sense theirs been at least one person who saw the sense in it. 

Still I don't really feel like I have a direct line of communication to make the sort of schmoozing connections I might like to make to potential creative forces on the site that are on my own wavelength. Lacking a chat room or forum limits chance meetings and social networking sites are not my cup of tea in the least. So I have decided to start experimenting with ways to meet and work with people on the site, as I think Bitmob could only benefit from people working together to express themselves.

The experiment I've come up with for today is, for lack of a better term, 'Bitmob Resumes'. For those of us types who just want to work on something but don't have anyone to work with and would like to tell people we are interested. This is a statement of your willingness to work on a project with someone else in the community (probably without money involved. Though that's up to the collaberators) and the talents you would be able to add to any project. I'll use myself as an example because I do want to work with people as just playing games and playing on the Internet after work is fun but lacks that 'I'm doing something with my life' feeling.

Name: Jeffrey Sandlin

Talent: Writing and creative direction. (I'm an idea man, not so much a 'skilled execution' man.)

Personality: Often times confrontational and depressive when left to my own devices, in person I can sometimes be mopey but often times try to just be friendly and understanding. If you are easily annoyed by my antics on the site I would warn you that I am mostly actually like this in real life. Still I never set out to be a jerk and always enjoy getting to know other people.

What I'm looking for in a collaberation: Pretty much anything that involves writing, though fiction writing is my true love. I tend to skew more twoard drama but I can handle humor decently if the person I'm working with and my sense of humor mesh. I really just want to work on something in general and having another person rely on me ratchets up my investment and inspiration for an idea immensely.

I have my own ideas I would like to work on if I could get ahold of a reliable artist (not the least being a comic book) but I am willing to help people with ideas they are having trouble fleshing out as well if the concept strikes my fancy.

I would be willing to compromise and negotiate aspects of a project to play off of the strengths and weaknesses of the other individual involved. I work best when the person I'm working with is in regular communication with me over a messaging service like MSN.

Time you are able to dedicate to a project: Indeterminate. I have a full time job but I also have free time for writing regularly. I have other projects going but the schedual on those is as flexible as the schedual on working with you would have to be. It would not be a guarantee that I could finish something quickly but if you are willing to wait a little while the wait would likely not be forever.

Examples of my previous work: or anything under the tag "Mi". Other examples exist but those are things I prefer to wait till I know someone better to show off.


So there you have it. That's the sort of thing I am thinking of. A goofy little attempt to parlay some of the obvious talent in this games writing site into a meeting of the minds for people who want to get working and put some time into a creative endeavor to further their goals for success in their chosen creative field.

We could turn the 'Bitmob Resume' into a tag that people put on posts that include this sort of thing, have a central location where such things are collected, plenty of ideas could work.

So what do you all think? Is this idea worth pursuing? Or am I the only one that is itching this hard to get to work on something like this?