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Bitmob prides itself on being more than the average game site. We are not beholden to the preview/review cycle. But we still love looking forward to games. And so do you.

We want to hear your thoughts about what's coming up in 2010. Are we going to see any surprises? Are we going to see any innovations? Will 2010 change the gaming landscape for years to come?

Super Mario Galaxy 2

For our next callout, we want you to put on your prognostication hat and have a go at a game that is scheduled for release in 2010. You can take any angle you'd like in your article, but we want you to exercise some creative thinking.

The catch: After E3 and all the upcoming press events, we'll ask you to come back to your game and see whether your opinion has changed in any way.

Here's how you join in the fun:

1. Choose one (1) game that is scheduled for release in 2010.
2. Write an article about that game.
Try to keep it concise. About 200-400 words should do it, but you can go longer.
3. Tag it with "Anticipated Games."
4. Submit your article by April 28, 2010.

Cover as many games as you wish, but make sure you submit a new article for each game you want to write about.

Stumped for ideas? Check out my sample article, or peruse the following questions to spur those creative juices:


And remember: You have one day left to get your controller articles in for Thursday's roundup.