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Raven's Wolverine game gets Logan. The developer knows how violent he can be at times. How extremely durable (via regenerative health) he can be. And especially how much he loves his lunge attacks. Lunge, lunge, and…lunge. It quickly became my go-to move in the game and an incredible stress reliever at that. Too bad the game overall makes you care little for Wolverine's "origin" story — that which is exacerbated by XO:W's artificially inflated game time. Had the team cut down (using Wolverine's iconic blades preferably) the content to create a tight, concise experience without the fluff, it would have rated higher. As it stands, it is one of the better super hero game offerings out there with pretty cut scenes and a competent God of War-esque battle system that fears not the tame PG-13 rating the movie fought for. It's good, bub.

Grade: B-

Via HawtWired