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From PC boutique chic to console drab, Crytek will be releasing the seemingly anticipated sequel to Crysis. Riding high on impressive tech-savvy demos and on the it's third iteration of the CryEngine, Crysis 2 is Crytek's first console exposition.

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And with a massive un-cloaking event in New York City, Crysis 2 has set off the hyperbole talk, it is argued to be the greatest FPS game to date.
Crysis 2's fictional New York City  pulls on the strings of images of the terrorist attacks on September 11th. Deliberate or not, the photos and condolences posted on a wall for the fallen is remarkably similar to the chain links fences erected and place around ground zero. (Check out the trailer).
Maximum Game
Set in a torn island of New York we see our possible hero outfitted by war-science's latest nanosuit technology readying himself for the fight to commence.
My impressions of the trailer are compelling, as played through Far Cry, Crysis and Crysis: Warhead on a chic PC, the war has left the sandy island beaches to a torn urban-jungle.
With the promise to play as a role of the sturdy Tank or a stealthy Predator with cloaking ability and all (not the Alien or Space Marine hunting kind).

It is an action and stealth game that attempts to be a bit more than Crysis 2's predecessors, and we only have to wait, nail-bitingly, Holiday 2010.

NY Wall