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Pokemon Diamond and PearlThis post is powered by Darjeeling tea and BC Powder. I recommend never mixing the two if you like having taste buds.

Pokémon: Fix It!
By Stephen De Carlo
The Pokémon series hasn't changed much in the last 10 years. Gold and Silver marked the last real overhaul of the gameplay (via the now-standard day/night mechanic) and Stephen's not happy. With Pokémon Black and White just around the corner, he wants to see several key changes made to the franchise, but he knows the possibility is slim. Nintendo teases a gameplay evolution — but will it be enough to satisfy?

Call of Duty: the End of a Love Affair
By Dan Garofalo
Dan was an early fan of the Call of Duty series and watched the series grow and change over time, but not necessarily for the better. Modern Warfare opened a door that can never be closed, and it seems it might be too late for Infinity Ward proper to change his mind. But what of Vince Zampella and Jason West's new studio — could that make everything right again?


Masked Fighters Breaking the Video Game Frontier
By Juan Letona
It's about time that developers see the potential profit and overall fun in a Lucha Libre game! Masked wrestling is pretty fantastic. I just hope the developers focus on making the controls as tight and consistent as possible. 

Alpha Protocol Has Jumped the Shark
By Mark T. Whitney
Mark was very excited for Alpha Protocol, but Mass Effect 2 and unexplained delays changed his stance. Though slated for an early June release, Mark just isn't excited for it. This is sort of how I felt about Final Fantasy 13….