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The hype for Scribblenauts probably helped to kill my spirits when I finally got my hands on it. I didn't expect it to cure cancer, but I assumed all of the basics would be in place given the heaps of praise it had received. Sadly, we all know now that this wasn't the case.

But an apology is on it's way, and that means it is time for me to decided if it deserves a second chance. I really, really wanted to like the first game. I kept playing long past my breaking point, just trying to make cool solutions to puzzles actually pan out so that I would maybe feel the excitement I was promised. 

I desperately wanted to talk about awesome ways I completed levels with all of my fellow gamers. But despite my drive to push much further into the game than many others had, I ultimately hit a wall. The frustration overpowered the small bits of joy so much, that I just had to give up. It killed me to do so.

So, will Scribblenauts 2 solve that problem? God I hope so. All they need to do is really nail the controls and I'll be happy. My concern is that they will instead spend entirely too much time trying to add a slew of new words and adjective support, and the controls will be just as broken as before.

Part of me is annoyed that I have to buy a whole new game when it was just the broken controls that made the first one fall apart, but since they don't have anyway of updating games on the DS, I guess I'll forgive it. That is, as long as they don't screw it up again.

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