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We've taken the video game preview back.

The Bitmob community waited in the bushes and ambushed the video game press. On pain of death, we took our prize, and like Robin Hood and his merry men, we're giving it all back.

We asked you to write about your most-anticipated games of 2010, and the results are in! (More after the break.)

Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption — Scheduled Release: May 18
"He's wanted: dead or alive. I say dead. Nothin' worse than hauling a bounty back, slung over the back of my horse, kicking and hollering the entire way. I prefer them quiet and dead and soon to make me temporarily rich. The way it should be. Let this be quick. I long for the cold steel of that rifle. The burning of whiskey in my gut. The brief companionship of a scarlet lady." — Michael Bradley  (read the full article)

"I am a product of watching TV in the 80s. When nothing was on television, I watched syndicated western left-overs from previous decades. The reason Red Dead Redemption is my most anticipated game of the year is that it fulfills my childhood fantasies with an adult story line." — Nick Berger  (read the full article)


Alpha Protocol

Alpha ProtocolScheduled Release: June 1
"Sega's Alpha Protocol hype machine reached its crescendo long ago. Both developer and publisher talked about and showcased the game multiple times since the early 2008 Game Informer reveal. I can't even quite explain why I just don't care any more. I don’t mind when a game gets pushed back. I don’t even care if the company doesn’t give a very good reason for said delay." — Mark T. Whitney  (read the full article)

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Metal Gear Solid: Peace WalkerScheduled Release: June 8
"Monster Hunter creatures and Axe body spray T-shirts may seem to desecrate the fiction of Metal Gear, but I find these things fun. The Monster Hunter crossover takes place on an island separate from the rest of the game, and the product placement…well, it doesn't really bother me. Will I wear a Doritos shirt? Probably not. Will I direct my anger at Kojima Productions and Konami for including it in the game? Not really." — Suriel Vazquez  (read the full article)

Lucha Libre

Lucha Libre AAA 2010: Héroes del RingScheduled Release: August  9
"Notable key features: It's a wrestling game (duh) using Unreal tech; the Lucha Libre license; the Mexican developer; and Konami's international market reach. The title's success hinges on the execution of the license and, of course, the quality of the gameplay." — Juan Letona  (read the full article)

Metroid: Other M

Metroid: Other MScheduled Release: August 31
"It really grinds my gears that the developers won't adjust the control scheme to work with the Classic Controller or just a simple Wiimote and Nunchuck combo. They're not allowed: Yoshio Sakamoto, the co-creator of Metroid, said so. Well that's just great. Now you have two awkward, clunky perspective modes that somehow manage to mess up the Metroid series' two key strengths: first-person shooting (Prime) and simple-yet-complex 2D-action platforming."

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Dragon Quest 9

Dragon Quest 9Scheduled Release: Summer
"Nintendo must overcome several challenges before Dragon Quest 9 can succeed. The first is Nintendo's lack of recent experience with RPGs. They're going to have to dig deep and go back to their SNES heyday, when they were pushing other publishers' successful RPGs left and right. Another big obstacle: DQ9's offline multiplayer features. The main quest lets you create a party using pre-made characters, but you can also hook up with three friends to complete the game together. This may work well in Japan, but it's asking a lot of U.S. gamers. Given that the Japanese release didn't include online play, Nintendo and Square Enix are going to have to come up with some sort of solution to make the mode viable." — Jeremy Signor (read the full article here)

Monkey Island 2

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge  Scheduled Release: Summer
"LeChuck's Revenge stands among giants. For me, it ranks with games such as Super Mario Bros., Final Fantasy 6, Xenogears, Super Metroid, and Ico — games that have defined my love of the medium. They are games that mean something personal to me; experiences that remain vivid despite the ravages of time. I am giddy with anticipation for the special edition. After the superb respect paid to the special edition of the first game, I have total faith in LucasArts' ability to remake my youth." — Daniel Andres (read the full article here)

Civilization 5

Civilization 5Scheduled Release: September 1
"Civilization 5 overhauls the tired and broken combat system, and draws on the lessons learned from Civilization Revolution, the Colonization remake, and Lead Designer Jon Schafer’s expert knowledge of Panzer General. The new AI and leaders look like they’ll make the single-player game a more unique and individual experience, with each civilization having its own agenda that can vary greatly across campaigns. I can’t see how it won’t be the best Civilization to date." — Richard Moss (read the full article here)

L.A. Noire

L.A. NoireScheduled Release: Q3
"The most exciting aspect of this game is the fact that it's an homage to film noir. Is there a cooler setting than that? I truly hope they can capitalize on this artistic direction with gameplay and thematic elements. They are going to have to do something above and beyond conventional video game tropes to fully realize the potential of the art design." — Andrew Hiscock (read the full article here)

Scribblenauts 2

Scribblenauts 2Scheduled Release: Fall
"Despite my drive to push much further into Scribblenauts than many others had, I ultimately hit a wall. The frustration overpowered the small bits of joy so much that I just had to give up. Will Scribblenauts 2 solve that problem? God, I hope so. All they need to do is really nail the controls and I'll be happy. My concern is that they will instead spend entirely too much time trying to add a slew of new words and adjective support, and the controls will be just as broken as before." — Alex R. Cronk-Young (read the full article here)

Fable 3

Fable 3Scheduled Release: Q4
"While many may balk at the idea of removing some of the elements that add complexity to the Fable series, trimming some features and expanding on others should allow for more players to experience the true depth of this series. It should also make people less inclined to blow through the story in a ten-hour binge. Peter Molyneux, the game's designer, may talk endless about new features, such as adding a touch mechanic to Fable 3, but what he is really trying to do is to make more people feel more connected to their own personal experience while playing the game." — Frank Anderson (read the full article here)

Crysis 2 — Scheduled Release: Holiday
"Crysis 2's fictional New York City pulls on the strings of images of the terrorist attacks on September 11th. Deliberate or not, the photos and condolences posted on a wall for the fallen is remarkably similar to the chain links fences erected around ground zero." — Juan Letona (read the full article here)

Portal 2

Portal 2Scheduled Release: Holiday
"Portal 2 must bear the added weight of my admittedly unfair expectations. The original Portal changed my outlook on the entire entertainment world; how the hell can Portal 2 even hope to recapture a fraction of that excitement? Even with my aforementioned habit of deliberately cooling my enthusiasm, the shadow of Portal is too large to simply ignore." — Daniel Feit (read the full article here)

Ghost Trick: Phantom DetectiveScheduled Release: Winter
"From the mind of the creator of Phoenix Wright comes Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective. You will play as Sissel, a murder victim who must discover the truth about his murder before his soul passes on. As you attempt to solve this mystery, Sissel will have the ability to posses and manipulate objects. This sounds like an incredibly intriguing game mechanic. The blend of anime art and cell-shaded graphics looks amazing, the music sounds incredibly stellar, the characters look awesomely outlandish, and I have no doubt that the humorous Ace Attorney writing style will perfectly fit this unique premise." — Ryan Conway (read the full article here)

DUST 514

Dust 514Scheduled Release: TBA
"Eve Online has been the source of some of the weirdest gaming headlines of the last six years. The game is entirely in the players' hands: The banks are run by real people; real bankers embezzle fake money that took real time to earn; real people start fake wars. But while it's interesting to hear about, it's not exactly a fun minute-to-minute game. Now, realizing that shooting dudes in the face is fun, CCP Asia are hard at work on a dude-shooting game for the Xbox 360 and PS3. It's exactly the sort of entrance people like me, who enjoy rich sci-fi universes and shooting dudes in the face, have been looking forward to." — Alex Martin (read the full article here)


Enslaved: Odyssey to the WestScheduled Release: TBA
"Enslaved offers a refreshing vision of the coming apocalypse. Rather than trade in the same three browns that characterize most end-of-days games, Enslaved explodes with color. In the absence of human interference, nature has reclaimed the cities. Trees burst from the concrete and crown the tops of skyscrapers; vines choke dead wires and unhook bricks from their mortar." — Brandon Mroz (read the full article here)

"Enslaved’s combat supposedly resembles Batman: Arkham Asylum, a game that had me chaining together massive combos in a manner that I can only describe as rhythmic, and creating an almost mesmerizing sensation of being both nimble and devastating." — Ben Maltz-Jones (read the full article here)

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