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Back when EGM and its sister mag Expert Gamer were around (thank heavens they're back) they had a little feature called "What If."

This consisted of random rants about all game characters and aspects into gaming, categorized with jokes and personal fantasy.

Yeah, this isn't as great as I'd hope for, but I thought I'd try.








What If…

  • ·         Kratos from God of War found out his father was Bubsy?
  • ·         Super Mario Bros. 2: The Movie was announced?
  • ·         Xbox Live was free like PSN?
  • ·         Shigeru Miyamoto sold the rights of Zelda to Square Enix?         
  • ·         Resident Evil 5 was actually "Resident Evil?"
  • ·         Super Mario Galaxy 2 starred Luigi?                                                  
  • ·         people didn't camp in Modern Warfare 2?
  • ·         Dan "Shoe" Hsu brought EGM back and named it Bitmob Monthly?
  • ·         Ellis and Rochelle from L4D2 had a baby, and it turned out to be a jockey?
  • ·         Nintendo's next system was called Virtual Man?
  • ·         Alan Wake's ending revealed it was the in Silent Hill?
  • ·         Mega Man X7 stayed 2D?                                                    
  • ·         Tecmo bought the NFL license?
  • ·         the Dreamcast never died?
  • ·         Shaq Fu was announced for the virtual console?                                    
  • ·         Bill Gates bought out Sony?
  • ·         Sheik and Zelda were a playable character in Ocarina of Time?
  • ·         Final Fantasy 7 was released for the N64 instead?
  • ·         Orlando Bloom starred as Link in Zelda: The Movie?
  • ·         Mega Man 2 was never released?
  • ·         Hulk Hogan established his own game company?
  • ·         AKI (WWF No Mercy) still made WWE games?
  • ·         Robin Williams named his daughter Zelda? Oh wait, that's true!
  • ·         Nintendo Power's hotline was still around?
  • ·         Ninja Gaiden (any) were easy?
  • ·         Goldeneye was released on the Arcade?
  • ·         the 64DD actually made it in the States?
  • ·         a new E.T. game was announced?
  • ·         Akuma was a playable character in RE2? (EGM2's April Fools '98).
  • ·         N-Gage was a success?



Got any ideas?