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Starter Pokémon are getting pretty ridiculous. Every game starts with a professor named after a tree offering the player the choice of a water, grass, or fire Pokémon, and as the series progresses, those choices become less and less enticing. Nothing sums it up better than this comic — now with the fifth-generation starters [via Reddit]:

Pokemon Starters Suck Now

Chikorita is still the dumbest-looking Pokémon in the history of dumpy animated animals. Click the picture for the full-sized comic and hit the jump for the world of Chikorita. 



The fearsome Chikorita in its natural state.


Accessorize with your Chikorita

Many attempt to validate their Chikorita choice via fashion statements.


Chikorita Birthday

This is the ultimate end for the Chikorita: baked into a cake.