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The events of Crackdown 2 occur in the exact same location as the first game: Pacific City. That means both games look exactly the same, right? Nope!

The Crackdown 2 version of Pacific City has been ravaged by the Freaks. While the city's basic layout is still quite familiar, its war-torn skyline now looks almost as bad as Detroit's. Almost.

To compare the look of the two games we went to the same exact spot next to the amusement park on Los Mugre island in Crackdown 1 and 2. This location offers a great view of the skyline and makes it easy to spot the differences between the original and sequel. We then took a total of 18 screenshots as we rotated the camera 360 degrees.

Note: You might notice a slight blurring effect in the Crackdown 2 screens. This is an effect that seems to be present any time the camera's moving. Don't worry, the game doesn't look blurry at all when you're actually playing. Also note that the Crackdown 2 shots were taken during a night cycle in the game, hence the darker, grayer tone.

Check out our panoramic shots and see the difference for yourself.





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