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Gears of War 2 is the best shooter for the xbox 360. It is a shooter unashamed of being a video game it revels in giving you all the best aspects we have come to love from this form of entertainment.

There are foreign locations to explore and a sense of rewarding gameplay that makes you feel like you are constantly improving.

This game shows big is beautiful and it really shows off what HD gaming is all about, there are tiny details in every texture and the oversized Gears give the game a distinct style that you don't really find in many games that attempt to achieve realism. 

This is a game that knows it is a game, all of the guns are gratifying and it is fun to experiment with each variety. The reload mechanic is so satisfying that I after many hours I still enjoy it.

The online gameplay has both competitive and co-operative modes, and it is so seamless and easy to find a match.

This game is simply amazing, all xbox owners must buy this game.