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Split/Second has it all: a slick presentation, streamlined heads-up display, an incredible sensation of speed, awesome techno-vibe soundtrack that perfectly suits the gameplay, and a track-deformation hook truly its own. Everything is all well and good…until the excitement of the timing-based, environmental attack "moves" hook runs out on you. The "reality TV show" campaign is fun a few "episodes" in but all it does is cover up the few race modes available to the player (six total) and only about half are worth the inclusion. Regardless, it does a solid enough job to cover up Black Rock Studio's first time-out bruises to present a refreshing (and exhilarating) take on a stale genre that rivals the best titles in the Burnout series. And if you're looking for more of a challenge after solving the campaign game tape, step up and go online to take on the — relatively healthy — community in a seemingly lag-free experience.

Grade: B+

Via HawtWired