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Game developers take note: Wanted is how you bring to video game life a movie license that revolves around bas-assery. Instead of artificially inflating a game's length to give it a supposed "depth" most developers go with, Grin went with a less is more approach. Wanted provides five (separate story line) hours of satisfying bullet-bending, round-exploding shooting with Mr. A-hole himself, Wesley, and a sense of "cool" that permeates through the source material. Its short length also makes the — relatively easy — trophies fun to unlock and extends the play time to 15-20 hours. Perfect for some trophy-whoring. Technical hiccups mar the experience a bit (i.e. not being to hit visible limbs because the enemy is technically behind cover) but still worth the price of admission. You may have missed it at launch, but the game's ultimate drop to $10-15 make it so worth it now.

Grade: A-

Via HawtWired