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The Community Spotlight — Bitmob's twice-weekly hit-list (usage note: The hyphen matters, as hit list, no hyphen, is a list of people someone means to kill) of must-read pieces you may have missed. In addition to teaching you proper word usage, this edition of the Wednesday Community Spotlight details one gamer's experience during the midnight launch of Starcraft 2, fixing your busted PlayStation 3, video-game development on the shores of Canda's Atlantic coast (of all places!), lawsuits against Sony, and a Bitmobber's own spotlight of gaming material on the Web.

Starcraft 2 Midnight Launch in Toronto
By Jonathan Ore
Jonathan chronicles the life-changing experience that was the launch of one of the most highly anticipated games of the decade: Starcraft 2. (OK, so maybe it wasn't life-changing for everyone. Yeesh. Let the Starcrafties have their day!) He also shows us how a large gathering of gamers can develop hive-like superpowers, rendering them immune to the most heinous of insults.


Living the Dream: Developers Finding Success on Canada's East Coast
By Ryan Conway
Video-game developers on the East Coast of Canada! I had no idea! Further demonstrating the global reach of gaming, Ryan reveals how people are making games in a place better known for its natural resources than its software know-how.

How to Fix Your PlayStation 3
By Daniel Sims
This one caught my eye because, just today, I was attempting to fix the power button on my Nintendo DS. I don't think I've got the stones to take the DIY route with something like a PlayStation 3, though. But if you're so inclined, Daniel's got you covered. (He's also looking out for ya if you'd rather have someone else do the work.)

Friday's Random Five
By Carlos Castro Reyes
It looks like Carlos has taken a cue from the Community Spotlight and assembled his own roundup of gaming goodness. In this edition, the theme linking pieces from sources as varied as Giant Bomb and GameSpite is the preservation of gaming culture.

Welcome to the Gaming Industry: Prepare for Court Part 3 — Sony's 'Other OS' Lawsuit
By Stephan Barry
In the finale of his examination of lawsuits in the gaming industry, Stephen turns his spotlight (get it?) on the lawsuits filed against Sony after the PlayStation 3 maker disabled the console's support of Linux. Why do I feel that in lawsuits, the only winners are the lawyers?