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Editor's note: I won't be attending PAX this year, nor will very many members of the staff. But that's OK because Michael's got you covered for a meet-up. -James

It's almost that time again! PAX 2010 is less than two weeks away, and those of us lucky enough to attend will have our hands full trying to see all the show has to offer in a scant three days.

But we should always make time to stop and chat — especially with fellow Bitmobbers. Since most of the Bitmob staff are unable to make it to Seattle this year (Mitch Dyer will be there!), I've decided to step forward and get the ball rolling. Bitmob is a community-content-driven site, so it only seems fitting.

My suggestion for a potential meeting place is The Tap House Grill. It won't be a reserved venue, due to the uncertainty of attendance, so we can all try to show up and play it by ear.

Who: Bitmobbers and their family/friends/pets. (No pets allowed.)

What: A quick meet up to have a pint or eight, discuss Friday's show, and get to know some of your fellow community members.

The bar does require patrons to be of legal drinking age, but  if enough teetotalers or people under 21 comment, we might go somewhere else. Leave a suggestion if this is the case.

When: Friday, September 3rd at 6 p.m.

I'll probably leave around 8 p.m. to go see the evening's concerts, but the party doesn't necessarily follow me.

Where: The Tap House Grill, 1506 6th Ave. Google Map

It's fairly close to the venue, has good food and appetizers, and doesn't offend the senses.

Look for the guy with a white kamikaze band tied around his arm. That would be me. I was going to get name tags, but this is just easier, and I'll be too busy channeling my inner Hemmingway to write straight anyway.

Why: Why? You've got some attitude. Because this is a community site, of course. We have a chance to meet in person and put a name to the articles, comments, and ad-hominems that make Bitmob the premiere video-game community starting with the letter "B." That, or I scared off all of last year's drinking buddies, and I need fresh ones.

If you have any suggestions for different venues, activities, or anything else, please don't hesitate to leave a comment. I'm merely posting this as a launching point. If you don't make yourself heard now, then you waive your right to tell me how much I suck later.

Don't forget to join the Facebook event page, too. You can invite your friends, spread the word, and talk to other Bitmob contributors and community members.

Hope to see you there!