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fastarFastar! is about hack-n-slashing your way thru a variety of colored squares.  Straight up.  The whole point is to kill squares, cop loot and use the loot to be able to kill squares better.  That may sound whack, but don't be put off.  Fastar! is fun as crap.  

 Fastar! is made for kats that love the leveling aspect of RPGs.  Dead squares drop money.  Money buys attack and defense upgrades at the nearest town.  You can camp out near a town and grind out levels or charge off into the unknown hitting towns for upgrades along the way.  Controls use gyros to move and screen taps to attack, so there are no Real-Estate or awkward control issues here.

Fastar! is broken down into 3 difficulty levels.  Easy, Normal and Hard.  Increasing difficultly gives squares more HP and makes upgrades more expensive.  You can finish Fastar! on easy in about 3 minutes.  On the hardest mode, it will take you between 10-15mins.  The downside to Fastar! is that there is no replayability.  I copped Fastar! for free via FAAD.  If you can't get it free, know that you'll have great fun, but that it will be short-lived if you decide to pay money for it.