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Nerd have video games, frat boys have reversed baseball caps and alcohol. It's time for both worlds to come together! Let's see what each game's equivalent in alcohol is


Bioshock: Kamikaze 

A special blend of several flavors that appeals to any of the fans of the original three flavors. It just takes a while for people to get used to the intensity and those with weak stomachs will dismiss it as a hodgepodge of nonsense

Modern Warfare 2: Bud Light


C'mon, EVERYONE's drinking it! The nerds who want to pretend they're cool, the jocks who are actually cool, the social recluse who mistakes it for apple juice. It's the universal party starter! And whether it's sleeping with your friend's sister or missing an entire day's worth of classes, it leads to bad decisions. And it's ALWAYS the sure sign of a good time.

Bayonetta: Corona

Yes, it's a quality product. Yes, you won't regret trying. And yes, the fact that it uses scantily clad women as its primary form of marketing is kind of sleazy.

Madworld: Bloody Mary

Does this one REALLY need explaining?

Halo: Mike's Hard Lemonade


It's a quality drink that somehow gets dismissed less hardcore due to its colorful graphics and lack of grit. While being seen with it can sometimes lead to scathing remarks from the female success, thicker skinned patrons will enjoy the depth beyond the space muppet colors.

Ico: Guinness


It's Dark. It's Deep. It's sophisticated. Some people will take it in and say that it's an example of something that ascends beyond a stain on a frat house carpet. Others will take a sip, spit it out, and say it's a pretentious piece of shit.

Little Big Planet: Sparkling Water


No thanks guys! I think I'll play it safe, because alcohol is bad for you and if I drink it my mom will know and ground me. No seriously guys, it's fine! I mean, I'm having fun! Look at all these fancy colors on the glass! I'm so cool!