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Master Chief saves more then planets.

The first Halo gave my friends and I a chance for LAN parties. We would bring food, soda, and stay up til 5 am playing games –Its quasi-embarrassing coming home to your mom getting ready for work, but totally worth it.

lan party

The older I get the less me and my friends hang out. Can't put the blame on anyone, its just how things go as one gets older. There are marriages, school, work, tragedy. Life will undoubtedly continue to change.


Its been a few years since all my friends have gotten together in one place, and sometimes it wears on me. But this past Saturday I ran into a friend of mine who informed me about Reach. We talked about past LAN parties, and we made it a point to get everyone together for a night.


I've never owned an Xbox, or Halo, and I don't care much about what people have to say about the qualities of either the system or game, because the fact is Halo gets me and my friends together for a great night in a time when its hard to stay positive, and together.


And For that Master Chief, I salute you.