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Spy Crabs

Spy crabs are both a blessing and a curse. If you have them on your team, then you have people who aren't helping you win. On the other hand, it's an honor to protect these potentially endangered species from those who wish them harm. Also, you should probably get yourself checked.

It's an unintended oversight in how the spy model acts when you use the disguise kit while crouch walking and looking up.

Remember to do your part. Save the endangered spy crab!

Guile's Theme Goes With Everything

Want to add some flair to your video clip? Guilesthemefitsall proves that anything can be made more epic with the addition of Guile's theme song from Street Fighter.

From Mario, Lion King, and even Metal Gear Solid, Guile's theme is like a TV infomercial product that seemingly does everything for everyone, especially the lazy and inept! Can't work a blanket? Buy a snuggie! Can't make a marriage meaningful? Add Guile's theme!

Ramirez, Do Everything!

Representing the best and worst the U.S. military has to offer, Modern Warfare 2 shows us that U.S. Army Rangers can do anything provided they aren't hilariously lazy.

Playing as Ramirez, you're told to do everything by your commanding officer. Neutralize enemy combatants, defend fast food restaurants, destroy helicopters, stop nukes, solve world hunger, strain Chinese noodles, and picking up my kids after soccer practice. And be sure not to mix the whites with the colors! I don't want to find pink shirts in the dryer when I come back!

Grabbin Pills

It's good to know that even with the world ending in a global apocalypse resulting in an outbreak of zombies, prescription drug abuse can help you survive even the deadliest of encounters.

And what better way to get addicted to pills then by making the phrase into a snappy little song. Also, don't get between Louis and his pills. Tanks be damned, Louis wants his pills.

F*ck Yeah! Seaking!

An example of how you can succeed at anything, as long as you do it long enough that people will listen to you just to get you to stop. Kind of like going clothing shopping with your girlfriend but sighing enough to get your point across that you don't want to stay.

Big explosion? Need a segway? Loved ones passed away? Have a research paper due? Just introduce a shot of Seaking and everything will be better! Remember when Terminator said, “I'll be back?” How about “F*ck yeah! Seaking!” Just as good right? Wrong! It's better!

Za Warudo… WRYYYY

So you can tear out someone's spine in Mortal Kombat. Violent sure, but nearly as shocking.

How about stopping time and laying down some smack down while they're frozen. Still not enough if you ask Dio Brando. Throw some knives which will hit them when you unfreeze time.

Nah, not enough. How about a steamroller dropped on their friggin head?

Nobody's gonna mess with the guy who does all that in a single combo. Death itself will run a tab on the guy who does that just so it doesn't have to meet him.


Memes are internet jokes that surpass even viral ads. Memes are born of the internet, pop culture, and a certain amount of lovable repetition. They can be used to troll people, as a reaction to something to make it amusing, and as a way to defuse a situation.

So here's the first meme, spy crabs.

Can't Let You Do That Starfox

Starwolf proves that even hired mercenaries love to troll people.

Where ever there's something to be done, you can bet that Starwolf will show up to tell you that you can't do that. He's probably not even armed to threaten you. He's just going to show up with his hands condescendingly on his hips and declare what you are about to do is something he cannot allow.

He's probably not the life of the party.

Also note Starfox has spawned Do a Barrel Roll, but Ramirez, Do Everything has already covered that base.

Leeroy Jeekins

No talk of memes can be complete without Leeroy. This charmingly ignorant warrior from Warcraft is a role model for everyone who wants to throw all the rules to the side and just charge in guns blazing.

Next time you do something without thinking about it, just remember Leeroy Jenkins. Sh*ts not gonna get done with you just sitting back and talking about stuff. It's time to take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!

The Cake Is A Lie

Probably one of the most abused memes ever. When Portal came out with this snappy phrase, everyone wanted to be cool by saying it. There were even instances of people using the phrase with no prior knowledge of the context of its original usage.

So help me God, if this phrase comes back in Portal 2, I will walk around with cake in my pockets ready to shove it down the throat of anyone who thinks they're so goddamn clever.

Also, who works for cake? We have minimum wage laws for a reason you know.

Well Excuse Me Princess! (credit Matthew Orona)

There's a reason Link has been a mute bastard for almost all his games.

You can't exactly connect emotionally to a mute hero in a cartoon, even if he's capable of grunting and kicking ass. So after a night of binge drinking, someone on the team of the show decided to not only give Link an edgy, sarcastic attitude, he also got a catch phrase that he was required, by his contract, to say every episode.

All I have to say is, what does Princess Zelda see in this smug asshole?

Have I missed any memes? Know any moar? Like mudkips? Share your favorite video game in jokes in the comments.