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Welcome to the special Kinect Edition of Coming Soon! Today I’m going to take you guys through all the Kinect game that will come alongside the Kinect. I hope you’ve made room in your living room for this peripheral, unless you’ve been looking for a reason to get a new lamp, coffee table, or leg. Oddly enough, you can categorize these launch titles into 5 categories: Dancing, Fitness, Racing, Sports, and other

Remember. Release dates are quite literally made at the whims of the publisher.  The following are subject to change without any warning, but in this case, it’s probably unlikely.



So you think you can dance? Prove it!

Dance Central

Probably the only game in the launch lineup that has some people in the hardcore community excited, Dance Central is a dancing game that will track the entirety of your body movement instead of just your arms or just your feet. Developed by the same guys that makes Rock Band, Dance Central comes packed with 32 songs, and probably with more coming later on in DLCs. From the looks of the preview videos, Dance Central isn’t going to make you do moves that only a professional dancer can pull off. They’re very simple moves, but you’d still have to execute them correctly, in the right order, and with the correct timing. There are some multiplayer modes like a versus mode in which the two players would switch in and out during one song and see who scores the highest. With a solid developer like Harmonix behind this game, this could very well be the killer launch app for Kinect.


Dance Masters

Poor Konami. Ever since Guitar Hero took their idea of a guitar game with far more success than they ever did, Konami’s been living in Harmonix’s shadow. Hell, Konami even tried doing the rock band thing with Rock Revolution to disastrous results, and now Harmonix is going to try and take dancing away from Konami too? Not if they have something to say about it! Meet Dance Masters, a dancing game that also tracks your full body movement. The primary difference between this and Dance Central is the track list. Dance Central focuses more on Pop music with some selections of electronica like “Satisfaction” by Benny Benassi while Dance Masters track lists errs towards the kind of stuff you’d hear from DDR. Unfortunately, Dance Masters is taking the old-school approach to player progression. You actually have to play the game to unlock songs. Aside from that they seem to be matching their feature list with that of Dance Central’s feature list, so it really comes down to what kind of music you see yourself dancing to.



Still waiting for that fitness game that actually checks to see if you’re doing the routines? Get a personal trainer. Otherwise, check out these titles.

The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout

Because you just need Jillian Michaels to boss you around to finally lose weight, The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout is basically a workout routine with The Biggest Loser skin on it. Choose between her and Bob Harper of The Biggest Loser fame as your instructor as you work your way towards a thinner you. The funny thing about these fitness games is how much similarity it has with the dancing games. You’re doing moves in a specific rhythm, and of course it will check your movements to make sure you’re doing it correctly. To help your accuracy, there’s a little silhouette of you doing said moves in the corner. The only difference is that you’re not doing these routines to music. It also comes with a video diary feature to help you keep track of your progress.


Your Shape: Fitness Evolved

Your Shape actually came out for the Wii a year ago and came bundled with a camera. It was basically sort of ahead of its time. Either that or Ubisoft just couldn’t wait for Kinect. In addition to being a workout routine that check’s your body’s positioning, Your Shape does have 1 key feature that sets it apart. The online integration. Your stats can be uploaded online for you to peruse later. More importantly, these stats can be shared with your friends who also has this game or unto Facebook and Twitter. You can even initiate challenges against your friends for a specific goal. If there’s one thing I learn about gamers is that they’re all just a little bit competitive at heart. That little thing might just make the world of difference.



It seems no system, or peripheral in this case, launch is complete without some kind of a racing game somewhere in its lineup. Kinect doesn’t disappoint.

Adrenalin Misfits

Konami really wants to make a name for themselves with Kinect aren’t they? Adrenalin Misfits is a crossboarding racing game where you play as various anthropomorphic furries on crossboards racing down mountains of varying terrain type. Sometimes you’ll be racing down a snowy slope. Then, you’re racing down a sandy mountain. If you’re looking to fake crossboard your way down as many mountains as your heart’s content, check out Adrenalin Misfits.


Kinect Joyride

When we were kids, we always pretended to drive a car by holding out our hands like we were holding onto the steering wheel. Congratulations! You’re ready to play Kinect Joy Ride. Probably the only racing game I can think of that doesn’t require you to accelerate, Joy Ride only puts you in charge of steering your car around the courses. You do get the ability to boost by doing a fairly lewd gesture only in reverse, but of course you don’t have to tell your kid that. They are who this game is really for anyways given the colorful palette of the game. Joy Ride supports both local and online multiplayer so you don’t have to feel like an idiot alone.


Sonic Free Riders

Let’s say Adrenalin Misfits intrigued you but it’s missing something. If you feel it’s missing Sonic and his crappy friends, than Sonic Free Riders is for you. Essentially a Mario Kart clone on hoverboards, this third iteration in the Sonic Riders series has you racing around various tracks on hoverboards against the various denizens of the Sonic universe. You control it by pretending you’re on a snowboard. Like any good Mario Kart clones, there are weapon pick ups, but what’s odd is that each one requires a different gesture to use. Hopefully you’ll remember what each one is in the heat of battle.



Like thunder accompanying lightning, the Wii Sports clones are never far behind from motion control peripherals.

Kinect Sports

Probably the closest thing to Wii Sports, Kinect Sports comes with 6 sports games: Soccer, Beach Volleyball, Track & Field, Boxing, Bowling, and Table Tennis. As you can guess, you’ll be imitating the lifelike gestures of each sport to play them. Like Wii Sports, you get to use your avatars in all of the sporting events. Unlike Wii Sports though, there is online multiplayer, which may just be enough to push this over the top compared to Wii Sports.



From the looks of the trailers, MotionSports isn’t really a Wii Sports clone. It’s more a mini-game collection with a sports theme. Each mini-game is called a challenge. For example, one has you playing a football player running towards the end zone while opposing team members will try to tackle you from different sides. You have to avoid said tacklers by moving your body. There’s also a hang gliding challenge, a slalom challenge, and boxing challenge among others. Like most of the games on this list, this one supports local multiplayer as well.



Just because I can’t fit these into the other categories doesn’t make them less of a game.

Fighters Uncaged

And the game-that’s-most-likely-to-cost-you-a-new-TV award goes to… Fighter’s Uncaged! No other game has you doing punches and kicks at the same time. You play as a newcomer in an illegal underground fighting competition. You’ll have to fight your way to the top with your arsenal of 70 or so moves. From the trailers I do hope you don’t actually have to imitate the movements exactly to pull them off.


Kinect Adventures!

Meet the pack-in game of Kinect. With 5 mini-games included, Kinect Adventures looks to be the Wii Play of Kinect. Everybody’s gonna have one, but it’s not necessarily going to be the game everyone raves about. These 5 games look fun enough for a while, but they don’t seem to get any deeper than that. Not that anyone’s going to complain about it given how it comes free with Kinect.



I don’t know how much Skittles paid Microsoft to have the demonstration of Kinectimals used the name Skittles for the cat, but now all I think about every time I see Skittles in grocery stores is Kinectimals. This pet sims has you playing with a baby tiger, lion, or other big cats. Strangely enough, there’s a story in this game involving some pirates treasures, and you have to explore the island to find it. You don’t have to though. You could just play with your cat all day long and never bother with the treasure. You’re given a good number of items and activities to play with your pet cat and even more once you unlock them. Just remember folks. As cute as baby tigers and lions are, they’re wild animals. They will kill you if you approach one in real life.


Interesting lineup. I was hoping for a sandwich making sim, but that’s just me. I guess I’ll settle for Dance Central. There’s a little dancing Karli somewhere in me trying to get out. How about you guys? Anyone dying to pretend snowboard with a bunch of furries?


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