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This edition of the Community Spotlight is all about FableFallout, and Halo. Is it 2010? All this Western RPG talk is making me flash back to fall 2008.

Fwd: Sir, Make Infinite Gold with Fable 3
By Alex Martin
Albion's changed a bit since Fable 2. Most notably, you can no longer mess with your system clock in order to boost your rent collection from owned properties. NoSc@m on Xbox Live really wanted to show Alex how he could get around this in Fable 3, but somehow that name doesn't inspire confidence. 

Seamless Choices
By Corey Williams
Corey is tired of the morality systems available in games today. While Fable and Fallout allow players to easily take right and wrong paths, Corey's idea turns morality into a gamble. It sounds neat, but the amount of background calculations required to maintain such a weighty system sounds like a programming nightmare. 


Why Halo: Reach's Story is Bad
By Nick Nordstorm
Nick is not impressed by the story presented in Halo: Reach. This spoiler-riddled piece outlines why it is terrible and his argument is well worth reading even if you don't care about the Halo universe. Some of his complaints are not unique to Halo.