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MinecraftWe have a little catching up to do. With so many games that are inspiring so many great articles, we plumb forgot to do September's Big 10. That means I'm charting two separate months in one go.

Congrats to everyone who made the lists, particularly Marcel Hoang, who took the top two spots in September with two Minecraft stories (I guess we know what was popular in that month), and Nick Nordstrom, who had articles in both lists, including two in October!

If you'd like to be the next Marcel or Nick, check out some tips at the end.

September's Big 10

10. My Shooter Hell: A Soldier's View of FPSesB. Chambers

9. It's Not You, It's Me: Breaking Up With a Game Collection — Grant Pearsall

8. Four Games That Deserve Resurrection More than Duke Nukem — Brad Grenz

7. The Hidden Kinect Requirement: Mixing Motion Controls and HD VisualsDevon N. Campbell

6. Cultural Victory: A Personal History of the Civilization SeriesRichard Moss

Hit the jump for the rest of September's list and all of October's.


5. Hi, My Name Is Nick, and I Hoard Video Games — Nick Nordstrom

4. Does the 360 Have an Edge Over the PS3 in the Final Stretch? — Riley Mason

3. Six Holiday Video Game Titles to Go For BrokeJuan Letona

2. Welcome to Minecraft: 6 Great Things To Do To Get StartedMarcel Hoang

1. The Amazing Things You Can Build in Minecraft — Marcel Hoang

October's Big 10

10. Why Halo: Reach's Story Is Bad, Even for a Video Game — Nick Nordstrom

9. Proper Villainy — Greg Kasavin (former Editor-in-Chief of GameSpot)

8. Test Drive Unlimited Proves that Sexism in Games Is More than Skin Deep — Adam Coronado

7. A Newbie's Guide to Beating Halo: Reach on Legendary DifficultyRick Knight

6. An Idiot and His PSP Go, One Year LaterSuriel Vazquez

5. Video-Game Romances: Where's the Love? — Nick Nordstrom

4. The Curdled Milk of Human Kindness: How Folding@home Turned Friends Against One Another — Evan Griffin

3. Ten Reasons to Love and Hate Dead Rising 2Reggie Carolipio

2. Can John Romero Save Video-Game History?Evan Campbell

1. Should Developers Listen to their Fans?Jon Porter

Do you want to be on next month's list? Here are some tips:

Catchy titles: A great one goes a long way —  you'd be amazed at how much this matters. If it doesn't draw people's attention, it doesn't matter how good your article is. You can easily double or triple your hits with a catchy and interesting title.

Format your articles: Short, concise paragraphs and pictures go a long way.

Encourage comments: Ask your readers to share their opinions.

Promote your work: Share your links via Twitter, Facebook, message boards, N4G, Reddit, and StumbleUpon.