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Dear Microsoft,

I see your marketing budget was put to good use. Who would have thought a million Kinect's would be sold in 10 days? The real question is how actually many of these people will by playing with their Kinect in six months? The PlayStation Move lasted me two months before it was time to return it. That was one expensive rental. Almost as expensive as it would have been to buy the 3D Sony TV for the optimal experience of Playstation Gaming.

I still have my doubts about Kinect. I haven't heard a word about an interesting Kinect games since Dance Central, and the million units you've sold doesn't impress me. I'll be more surprised at how many people are still Kinecting on your birthday.


Errol James

P.S. I've haven't played Kinect as of the time I'm writing this. I'm not exactly running out of my lab to go buy it either. If Kinect deserves my attention it will come to me.