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Never can wait ‘til this time of year,

There’s turkey and stuffing, holiday cheer.

Family, friends, we all gather round,

The table is set, the turkey is brown.


But what’s that you say? The coast is clear?

Boot up the games!  Over here, over here!

High-definition (bought in Jamestown);

Surround-sound speakers (a great hand-me-down);


Two controllers, a game, let’s get this in gear!

No getting caught, not like last year.


Shhh! be quiet, someone’s comin’ aroun’.

Phew! They’re gone! Settle down, settle down.


What are you saying, blow it out my ear?

Don’t mind if I do, avec plaisir!


Stop punching and kicking, you ain’t a clown!

Again I say: settle down, SETTLE DOWN!


Here they come, game over; run, disappear!

Quickly, guys, to the basement, in here! In here!

Caught, chagrined, I guess it’s time to shut down.

Are you ready? Tomorrow, we go out on the town!


Stock up on games, tomorrow my dear;

It’s Black Friday, the deals, they come once a year.

All the games, can’t you see? They’re at a markdown!

When I call at 4 a.m., be awake, not face-down!


In my pillow? I won’t! I’ll be in high gear.

Spending money like mad, two games over here!


He’s got the last copy? Don’t let that be, take him down! TAKE HIM DOWN!

Here comes the fuzz! Caught; doomed; no hope; a probing shakedown!

It’s been real; it’s been fun; the time we had here;

Can’t wait to do it all again on Thanksgiving next year.