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You can blame this puzzle on the guy who passed me in the green Camaro this morning that had a license plate that read: "PICKLE."

The concept here is simple. I've created a series of vanity tags. You need to decipher them and match them to the appropriate video-game character. If you get CNFSD, you can find the ANSWRS on P2.

1)  Plate 1 A) Owner A
2)   Plate 2 B) Owner B
3) Plate 3 C) Owner C
4) Plate 4 D) Owner D
5) Plate 5 E) Owner E
6) Plate 6 F) Owner F
7) Plate 7 G) Owner G
8) Plate 8 H) Owner H
9) Plate 9 I) Owner I
10) Plate 10 J) Owner J


1)  J (Mushroom Lover – Mario)
2)  D (Treasure Hunter – Nathan Drake)
3)  F (Normandy 2 – Commander Shepard)
4)  I (Master Sword – Link)
5)  A (Black Mesa – Gordon Freeman)
6)  B (Dream Land – Kirby)
7)  E (Sonic Boom – Guile)
8)  G (Get Over Here! – Scorpion)
9)  C (Barrel Roll – Fox McCloud)
10) H (Waka Waka – Pac-Man)