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Bitmob Big 10

Did you want to write one of the most popular stories of Bitmob for November? Did you write about Call of Duty: Black Ops? How about Microsoft's Kinect? You didn't? Well, that's what people wanted to read. Funny enough, I can't imagine anything more hardcore than a Call of Duty game, and I can't think of anything more casual than a controller-less console.

Here are the most-read community stories from last month:

10. Chatting with the Milkman: An Interview with Q Entertainment’s James Mielke — Davin Loh

9. You Must Play Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood's MultiplayerRick Knight

8. (30) Days of RPGs: November 2010Jeremy Signor

7. The Wackiest Soccer Games Ever ReleasedLouis Garcia

6. Terrifying Video-Game Monsters That Are Actually Totally AdorableEvan Killham

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5. Coming Soon! Special Kinect EditionKarli Winata

4. How Black Ops Redeems Call of Duty's MultiplayerMarcel Hoang

3. Why I Keep Making Excuses for Fallout: New Vegas — Mark Saldana

2. 10 Reasons I Love and Hate Call of Duty: Black OpsReggie Carolipia

1. Yes, I Am the First Moron Hospitalized Playing KinectJoe Donato

Do you want to be on next month's list? Here are some tips:

Catchy titles: A great one goes a long way —  you'd be amazed at how much this matters. If it doesn't draw people's attention, it doesn't matter how good your article is. You can easily double or triple your hits with a catchy and interesting title.

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