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Christmas is around the corner, and I’m again reminded of an incident that occurred during my Christmas of ‘97.

Being a young gamer, I really wanted a Nintendo 64 for Christmas.  The Sega Genesis just wasn’t cutting it for me anymore, I had to have one of those new-fangled 3D graphics systems. 

Flash back (or forward) to Christmas ‘97.  Unwrapping (i.e. ripping open) one gift, I was shocked to discover that it was Wave Race 64.  I still recall my confused/potentially excited reaction: “Wave Race 64?!”  Wait, that won’t work on a Sega Genesis, will it?  It quickly dawned on me that perhaps maybe the presents were opened in the wrong order.  Receiving an N64 was no longer a matter of “if,” it was a matter of “when.”


This wasn't my reaction, unfortunately.

I was right, of course.  But, the surprise was ruined.  Revealing the red, green, yellow, and black (or whatever color the box was) Nintendo 64 box under the wrapping paper seemed more as a given rather than a pleasant surprise.

My question to you now is: Have you had a similar experience in your childhood?