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If you think that a sleigh pulled by flying reindeer is crazy, you should see some of the stuff that video game developers come up with. Can you name the video games that these ludicrous vehicles appear in?

You can find the answers on page two — if you can make it there in one piece.


Transportation 1

After you lock your legs in and put these guns on your arms, it's probably best to keep your mouth shut while riding in this.

2) Transportation 2
Rubber duckie, you're the one. You make boat races lots of fun.
3) Transportation 3
Underwater breathing apparatus not incuded.
4) Transportation 4
Also available as a red, wind-up sneaker.
5) Transportation 5
Would you trust a helicopter with a crooked rotor shaft?
6) Transportation 6
Knitted cows – the lastest and greatest track racing animals.
7) Transportation 7
This glowing disk will get you where you need to go. Trust me.
8) Transportation 8
Want to fly around on a jet turbine? No problem! Just add handlebars, and you're ready to go.

1) Axel's contraption, Twisted Metal Series

2) Rubber Duckie, Hydro Thunder Hurricane

3) Enguarde the Swordfish, Donkey Kong Country

4) Kuribo's Shoe, Super Mario Bros. 3

5) Flying Machine, World of Warcraft

6) Racing Cow, Wii Play

7) The Cloud, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

8) Pocket Rocket, Earthworm Jim