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I'm a sucker for Myst. I'm also a sucker for Tron. (Yes, even Tron: Legacy.)

New indie game Fract combines both.

It's a first-person adventure game, now available in beta form as a free download for your PC or Mac. And it looks beautiful, with a polygon-based, neon-glowing art style reminiscent of games like Rez, Darwinia, and yes, Tron. No disc battles here, though — just one-button interactions with an abstract environment, heavy on exploration, logic, and music.

Fract is the creation of game designer Richard E Flanagan as part of his study at Universite de Montreal. He has only released one level so far but has said that more will be forthcoming if demand is high. And it should be. What's here only took me about an hour to complete, and I took my time exploring and backtracking. My appetite is thoroughly whetted for more. (A word to the wise, though — have pen and paper handy.)

Maybe the coolest thing about Fract is the way that its sound design influences its game world. Every puzzle has an audio component, and Flanagan encourages players to use headphones or solid speakers when playing. As you progress, you quickly see how each analog sound affects its environment. It's a pretty unique experience.

You can download the Fract beta here or click through for a trailer of the game in action. You should probably do both, in fact.


FRACT – Indie Adventure Game from Richard Flanagan on Vimeo.