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Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is a very special game. While it's the easiest game in the series to get into, it's also the most ridiculous, with a nearly limitless capacity for off-the-wall (literally) shenanigans. Expect the meta game to change daily as the hardcore fighting game community discovers new preposterous ways to squeeze extra damage out of each of MvC3's characters. This is one game that's definitely going to have some legs.

With another decade of hype and insanity to look forward to, what better way to celebrate than to knuckle up and throw down with your fellow Bitmobbers?

To take part in the battle for the fate of two worlds, just fill out the following information and leave it in a comment below. That way, we can easily find each other for casual matches. If enough people are interested, we may even have a community tournament in the near future.


Gamertag/PSN ID:

System: (Xbox360 or PS3)

General Fighting Game Experience: (Beginner, Intermediate, Expert)

What You're Looking For: (casual fights, tutelage, combo experimentation)

Times You're Generally Available: (evenings, weekends, etc.)


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