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Most of the time gamers run through adventures destroying everything in their path without a second of remorse. To be fair, it’s hard to feel bad for the hundred or so faceless enemies you shoot, electrocute, uppercut or make a fool of with a butt stomp.


However, there are some enemies I feel bad to bring to harm. Some are faceless while others have just as much personality or charm as the heroes found in their respective titles. Here are five characters I dislike having to down in order to continue my game.



5. Claptraps

“I’m dancin', I’m dancin'!”


And really, when you hear the little robots shouting out their enjoyment for the art of dancing, it is with much pain that you must blast them to bits in Borderland’s latest expansion, Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution.



The gangs in the dry, dead wasteland of planet Pandora pick on these poor robots, and all they want in life is to be treated like equals instead of slaves and spare components and show off their best Michael Jackson impersonations.


4. Nazis

Yes, the villains of World War II, Nazis. This may seem silly to most because zombies and Nazis and even Nazi zombies are probably the single most killable and killed enemy in video games.


The reason Nazis make this list is because, as many people realize, they were people with stories too, brought to desperation and war after hardship in their homeland. I often have to remember that the soldiers I’m zooming in on with my scope are just polygons, otherwise I have a hard time turning on a WWII game.


3. Bob-omb

I could have picked any Super Mario baddie — or Nintendo enemy for that matter — but when you look at the little Bob-omb it’s just hard not to feel sad for the little round ball with eyes and feet whose only goal in life is to blow Mario and Luigi into smithereens.


Sure there have been Bob-ombs who have talked, been friendly and even joined Mario on his adventures, but the tried and true Bob-omb seems to be nothing more than a mindless drone with one purpose burned into his brain: to go all kamikaze in order to blow up that pesky plumber duo.


2. Servbots

To be fair, the Servbots aren’t in any real danger in the Mega Man Legends series, but you still have to fight the little Lego like robots. They’re cute, full of ditzy, childish personality and just silly, really. Each of the 41 Kobun (henchman in Japanese) is unique and one can’t help but become attached to the little buggers before having to foil their (kind of) diabolical plans they are assigned to by master and creator, Tron Bonne — an equally silly character to defeat as she has a crush on Mega Man.


Can these guys get any sillier? Well, at one point during Mega Man Legends 2 a Servbot sends a letter to Mega Man asking him to become Servbot number 42. So, I would say yes, yes they can.


"Ouch, ouch!  It's hot!  Miss Tron, we're on fire!"


1. Barioth.

Four teams of hunters rush through the tundra on their way to their prized monster. Two carry deadly switch axes, another is heaving around a hammer equal to his size. The last brandishes a sword imbued with the Barioth’s greatest weakness: fire. Once the hunters corner the beast, a cross between dragon and white tiger, they make haste to kill or capture it.



Its Amber tusks will shatter under the power of the mighty hammer; its wings will tear as the blades pierce them. Fire will severely weaken the beast as it engulfs it with every sword swing. And then, when the Barioth slows down, tumbles over with every last swipe, the hunters will break its fearsome claws, and as the beast limps away to make an escape, takes flight and tries to find solace back at its nest to sleep off the battle wounds, the hunters will find it. They always find it. Invaders in his peaceful home, they will murder him — it is why they exist.


The Barioth is both my mortal enemy in Monster Hunter Tri and the one monster I feel the most sadness while killing. I’m a cat lover, and Barioth is basically a giant kitty — a giant, quick, deadly one, but a kitty nonetheless. Of course, that didn’t stop me from crafting all possible weapons made from his insides and crafting armor out of him. But hey, at one point I was sad to crush the poor kitty. It’s not my fault armor made from his skin looks cool.


Bitmobbers, are there any characters you feel bad to raise your weapons against? I excluded bosses from my list, but feel free to share any and every baddie you’ve ever felt bad smiting; I’m sure I missed quite a few in my brief list.