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First person shooters are quickly becoming the biggest things in gaming. Every year we see the number of shooter increase with many companies trying to cash in on the hype. But not many of these companies make a game that truly stands out from the crowd. On the one hand you have your call of duty’ your battlefields and your halo’s but on your other you have the games that didn’t quite live up to it and unforchantly Homefront is one of them.  

The Single Payer


When playing the singlepalyer I was disappointed to say the least. Taking around 5-6 hours to complete and not really giving me any reason to replay the game besides collecting the Newspapers or to do it on a harder difficulty. But the singlepalyer isn’t all that bad, the setting is great and interesting and makes you fear if this could really happen. Set in 2027 it shows us what the world could look like if Korean tuck over the America and run it in to the ground. You play as a character called Robert Jacobs a former helicopter pilot who has been captured by the KPR (Korean People’s Army) and is broken out by a set of people known as the Resistance. These are a group that are trying to stop Korean from over running the world. Throughout the campaign the resistance will encounter many challenges that they will have to overcome and battle on to get to their end target.


When playing the singlepalyer you begin to notice that it is a lot of the same thing and the missions all seem to end in a similar way. But you can see that the Kaos tried to mix it up and put things in to it that don’t really need to be in there. Homefront has 7 missions and most of them seem to have similar targets/goals but there are a couple that will stand out from the rest of the game. One thing that stands out about this game is the voice acting, this is something that the game pulls off and allows you to make a connection with the characters. The single player is not the best thing in the world but I had fun for the short time that it lasted.         


The Multiplayer

The Multiplayer is similar to most FPS online but for some reason this game seems different it had something that made me want to carry on playing more and more. There are two main game types “Ground Control” and “Team Deathmatch” these are both game types that you have seen in other games for example Ground Control is similar to domination from call of duty but instead of the 16 player online its 32. This gives you the feeling that you are never too far away from an enemy and makes the whole experience more intense. The Team Deathmatch is explained in the title it’s a 24 player game where the objected is for your team to get the most kills. Overall the multiplayer makes the game what it is the only let down with it is the snipers. This game has a bunch of great maps that have some great places for people take the role of a sniper and lay back and rack up the kills but this can be a problem when you are on the opposite team to of bunch of snipers and you will get pinned down and find it hard to move. But if the big 32-24 game types are not for you there is a game called Skirmish where it brings both Ground Control and Team Deathmatch but only has 16 player in the game this makes the game slower and allows you to have more time to think but doesn’t really have the wow factor that the larger multiplayer games have. Just like Call of duty, Homefront has a set of challenges for the player to complete ranging from get 200 kills with this weapon to get 200 Kills in a tank. Another thing that Homefront takes from COD is the create a class/Armuory this is just like COD as it allows you to pick your weapon, attachment, camo, special explosive, purchase slot(This is a small kill streak that you can obtain using battle points) and Infantry abilities(these are your perks). Homefront has a point system called Battle points these are unlocked by getting kill, capturing objectives and marking people. The multiplayer is something that every FPS fan should try.     


I think that the game is ok, its a good job that it has the multiplayer in it as this gives you the replay value that is needed in most games that come out lately. If the game was just the single player it would not be worth the £40/$60 price tag, but the multiplayer is something that could give you hours of fun and gives you the game that you need for your money.



Gameplay The game is a shooter and is typical shooter. There is not mush that make's it stand out from the rest of the FPS's on the market. 6.5

This is the thing that made me unhappy as a gamer there where time where the graphics didn't load well, and other times the game looked a bit out dated graphically.

Sounds  The guns sound a bit too plastic and fake. The voice acting seemed to fit well and really worked with the game.  7.0
Replay value  The single player doesn't really give you any reason to play it again. But the multiplayer makes you want to carry on playing. 7.5
Overall                 The game is something that every First person shooter fan should play but keep it in mind it's no battlefield or COD. 6.5