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The gays are mad at David Gaider. They want him fired for stereotyping homosexual characters in Dragon Age II. If you refuse to seduce a gay character you are given rivalry points towards your friendship with that character. Rivalry points suggest your relationship with a homosexual character will have tension because you won't act on the gay characters sexual desire.

It doesn't stop there. The gay characters apparently make passes at your character all the time. Even if you don't show any interest the gay character will flirt with you. This game is starting to sound like a porno. I might have to give it a try.  Only thing I know about Dragon Age II is that it's made by the same studio that made Mass Effect.

Aren't we overreacting a bit? If you think David Gaider is ignorant about the gay lifestyle, firing him isn't going to solve anything. He'll probably get hired by another studio, and put out a game where he doesn't include any gay characters. We'll be back to discussions about homosexuality being underrepresented in videogames. Someone needs to educate Daivd Gaider on the gay lifestyle.

I assume the main character in Dragon Age II is supposed to be a handsome guy. I'm thinking the gay characters hitting on him should be taken as a complement. Not every gay man wants to sleep with you, but if you're a gay man whose never been asked to sleep with a man you've just met, online or in person, you might be a virgin. Again I haven't played Dragon Age II. Maybe the gay characters are as over the top as the supporting cast of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Here's a link to the Petition Fire David Gaider