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I wasn't too excited when SSX: Deadly Descent was announced at last years abysmal Videogame Awards. The brief trailer suggested that the game was going to be focused on racing downhill.

"Racing is more important that the tricks"

is what I thought when I saw the title "Deadly Descent". There was a silver lining in the trailer. No gameplay footage was used. This gave journalists the freedom to make their own conclusion about what they saw. I think EA Sports wasn't sure what they wanted the next generation SSX to be so they presented what they had.

Good News. Ubertricks are back.

Earlier this week, EA Sports announced they had dropped the "Deadly Descents" subtitle from the title. They also came with information about what to expect from the new SSX. There will be 3 different events, Racing Descents, Tricks Descents, & the new Deadly Descents. They also said they want to keep the games over the top nature in all three modes. I hope that means the game would is more like SSX: Tricky than SSX 3.

SSX Tricky > SSX 3

SSX: Tricky is arguably the best game in the series. The replay value of that game is enormous. My friends and I spent hours in trying to beat our high scores. I believe my highest score was in the millions, but it's been years since I played SSX: Tricky. SSX 3 was fun. The whole "one mountain" concept was cool, but I put way more hours into SSX Tricky. If the new SSX can top SSX: Tricky then we're in for a classic. Welcome back SSX. It's been a while. I look forward to hearing about your release date.

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