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E3 was mostly disappointing for me. Overall, I felt they spent too much time on gimmicks and games we already knew about. This lead me to a few predictions I'd like to share with you about the future of this console generation.

First, I predict the Wii U and 3DS will flop when compared to their predecessors. I still believe 3D is a pointless concept that adds no real value to games other than crossed eyes and headaches.

The brief Wii U presentations I watched seemed like more of the same Nintendo focusing on revolutionizing how we game versus giving us games that are actually exciting to play. Further, the addition of better 3rd party support is not really a big deal to me because I already own a console that has support from those publishers.

Sony's presentations didn't impress me much either. That said, I do believe the PS3 will finish this generation strong with console sales. I believe there are enough games in their pipeline to continue to spark interest from consumers through the end of the PS3 lifecycle.

PS Move is dead, or at least on death row awaiting its execution date. Initial sales numbers will not be sustained for the rest of the PS3 lifespan.

PSVita is dead on arrival. Personal bias aside, we are in the middle of a very interesting mobile-gaming market shift. As smartphones get better at providing quality "quick-fire" gaming experiences, the expectations for portable games are evolving.

The ability to play PS3 caliber games on a handheld is not really exciting to me. Any game with that amount of depth works better on consoles I can play for hours at a time. I believe folks wouldn't want to play Final Fantasy XV: The Cherub's Arrow (patent pending) on a portable system while riding the subway to work. They'd rather play Angry Birds. I believe this mindset will eventually kill major console handhelds in the future (3DS and its 97 different variations Nintendo has planned to release over the next 3yrs included). Microsoft has been smart to avoid this market.

Like Sony's PS3, I believe the 360 will finish this generation very strong with game and console sales.

I don't believe Kinect is dead like PS-Move, but it will soon be on life support if they don't find better ways to incorporate it into "real" games. The proposed Mass Effect 3 voice command option is a great start.

For my last prediction, I am hearby knighting 2011 as the year for the console RPG. I tried to do this in 2010, but got let down by many of the games I was counting on to be great. However, with Skyrim, Witcher 2, Deus-Ex and Dead Island all due out this year, I think we have a guaranteed win.