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While some jounalists recently demonstrated confusion over the roots of this classic conflict, there's no question that aliens vs. space marines has become a common theme in video games. In the puzzle below, can you match the space marine on the left with his proper alien foe on the right? To me, these are starting to look very similar. If you find your xenobiology skills lacking, you can find the answers on page 2.

Space Marine 1 Alien A A)
2) Space Marine 2  Alien B B)
3) Space Marine 3 Alien C C)
4) Space Marine 4 Alien D D)
5) Space Marine 5 Alien E E)
6) Space Marine 6 Alien F F)
7) Space Marine 7 Alien G G)
8) Space Marine 8 Alien H H)


1 – C (Doom Series)

2 – E (Starcraft Series)

3 – G (Gears of War Series)

4 – H (Mass Effect Series)

5 – A (Aliens Vs. Predator)

6 – F (Space Marine / Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War Series)

7 – D (Halo Series)

8 – B (Alien Swarm)