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I need to admit that I have some issues with Mature-rated games. This doesn't mean I only appreciate titles similar to Barbie Super Sports. I just don't like all the blood, sex, and swearing. In other words, I'm not the biggest fan of the Duke Nukem series.

I'm not one of those people who believe gaming will turn kids into serial killers, but I honestly don't think that Manhunt is the best tool to raise a model citizen either.


What I'm far more interested in is the idea that a serious game doesn't need to feature gratuitous violence. I'm currently playing through the critically acclaimed Mirror's Edge, which makes killing optional and rewards a player for never firing a gun. Overall, it's an experience that I'd consider to be mature.

Braid is another grown-up title that defies convention through its powerful and compelling nature. Playing it for the first time is like watching James Cameron's Avatar. To say that this downloadable work leaves a deep impression is an understatement.

Then there are games like Fairytale Fights that prove how "edginess" doesn't make boring content better. The same can be said for movies. Recently, I saw the film adaptation of The Green Hornet, and I wasn't particularly impressed. Even with all the swearing, the writing was a bland mess, like ketchup on vanilla ice cream. 

I think explicit sequences and colorful language add little to an experience. At the same time, it isn't my place or responsibility to dictate what publishers and developers include in their releases. I don't want to play something and be lectured on the great evils of the world. All I want is a sophisticated storyline without all the typical "big boy" stuff.