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The first time I played The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time was on the Nintendo Gamecube. I got a copy of the Master Quest version after I preordered Legend of Zelda: WindWaker. I was excited to play it after years of hearing how it was one of the best videogames ever released. I played it for maybe 2 hours and was done. I couldn't get over how dated the games graphics looked on my Gamecube. A big selling point of Ocarina of Time when it was announced on the Nintendo 3DS was Nintendo reworked the textures and animations to make the graphics look a lot better. I won't be the last to say that Ocarina of Time is a good looking game on the Nintendo 3DS.

I was curious how a Ocarina of Time was going to look with 3D graphics. I do best with the 3D settings as low as possible. It brings out the 3D effect a little bit, and doesn't strain my eyes when I look at the screen. The higher I move the gyroscope the harder it is for me to see what's going on. I start seeing double which gets annoying. It's all about the angle you hold your 3DS when the 3D effect is high. I like to lay back and play my 3DS so I spend more time adjusting my arms when the gyropscope is high. The game looks cool when the 3D is set high. I just can't play the game with high settings that long.

I would describe Ocarina of Time's gameplay as "difficult." This game is nowhere near as intuitive as Legend of Zelda: Windwaker in my opinion. An example is in Zora's Domain. How was I supposed to know Jabu Jabu needed a fish in order to open his mouth? It makes sense, but I find myself on Youtube watching the walkthrough for this game constantly. I still have fun playing it though. I was stuck in Jabu Jabu's mouth for maybe 2 weeks, but I finally got out. Something tells me I have a long way to go before I finish this game. I can't wait to experience more and find out why this game is so important to videogame history.